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Here is a list of the most influential blogs that I read. They are a great mix of investing insights and practical tips that you can apply easily.

Teaching yourself about finance and investing is like learning a new language. The only way to learn it is to immerse yourself in it. This list of blogs has been the most influential for me. I learn so much from them that I can apply on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Investing for Beginners 101        Investing for Beginners 101

One of my favorite blogs. This is written by Andrew Sather. He is a self-taught investor that started just recently but he has a great way of explaining things so you can easily understand what he is trying to convey.

Andrew is from the value investing school and is a great admirer of Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham among others. Andrew has written some really great articles and he has an awesome free ebook about how to buy your first stock and how to evaluate stocks. It is a very easy book to read and he has some great examples to show you how to do it.

The Value Trap is another book he has written in this he discusses some of the biggest bankruptcies and what lead to their demise. It gives a great look at what financial indicators were present that directly lead to the companies going bankrupt. The book has great charts and lays out the indicators to look for when you are valuing a company so you can avoid these value traps in your own investing. Definitely worth every penny

He was also one of the co-founders of one of my favorite podcasts, The Money Tree Podcast. Andrew was the value investor representative on the show and I really enjoyed his insights.

I really enjoy reading Andrew’s blogs every week and he is one the one that gave me the idea to start my own blog. I took inspiration from his story and I could relate to where he was coming from. I like his views on investing and I agree with with the way that he presents his material.

I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do.

Old School Value

Another favorite that is run by Jae Jun. Like Andrew, he is a self-taught investor as well. Jae also is from the value investing camp. His website has so many great tools, articles and a terrific screening tool that he created.

Jae comes at things from a much more technical aspect than some of the blogs that I read but I really enjoy his breakdown of how he uses these tools to value a company. He has a great way of explaining some of the more technical math problems and making them easier to understand. He has some great spreadsheets that you can utilize to follow the examples he writes about.

When you join his mailing list, and I highly recommend you do. You will get tons of free stuff including spreadsheets, lists, and ebooks that will give you tools to do your own evaluations of companies based on the information you will learn from Jae.

The website and blog also include a great forum that has some great conversations that can be of great value as well. There are some really smart people on there talking about all aspects of investing and can be very educational.

All in all, this is a great website and blog. I really enjoy his thoughts and views and I think you will too.

Base Hit Investing         bhilogofull

Another favorite written by John Huber. He also belongs to the value investing camp. John is a professional financial advisor and runs his own firm, Saber Capital Management. He has been in the investing world for years and has some great insights.

His blog is a no-nonsense look at investing from the value investing viewpoint. He is a big fan of making things simple and logical. He likes to break down his concepts in ways that you can easily understand. He presents common sense ideas that you can easily replicate and use in your everyday investing processes.

The blog presents ideas on concepts and strategy, which he likes to refer to as his own personal journal. He also covers investors and their strategies as well as value investing strategies. Additionally, he covers specific investing ideas that he is researching, giving you an insight into his ideas and processes. This is incredibly insightful and helpful. It is also very relatable.

Safal Niveshak

Another great blog that falls into the value investing camp, detecting a trend yet? This blog is written by Vishal and he has a great take on investing. His focus is on the philosophical side of investing. He as a great way of thinking of things and presents items in a way to give it way more thought. He is a big fan of Charlie Munger and his Latticework of Mental Models. He doesn’t spend a lot of time talking about the technical aspect of investing, it is more about the mental side of it.

He writes several blogs a week but my favorite is the Mental Models. This presents a different mental model every week. And he focuses on several ways you can incorporate this into your daily life as well as your investing. Vishal also has a stream of news, links, and ideas that he puts out as well.

One of my favorite links on his blog is his book recommendations. There are tons of awesome books with great reviews. His blog focuses on the Indian market, which is where he is from. Even though he talks about stocks in his market the ideas and thoughts are still the same and you can learn something about an unfamiliar market, at least to me.

When you subscribe to his newsletter you get tons of great info including lists of books, courses on how to invest in the stock market and ebooks.

Simple Safe Dividends         Simply Safe Dividends

Great blog written by Brian Bollinger, he was an equity research analyst for a multi-billion dollar investment fund in a former life. He is a straight shooter when it comes to his analysis of the stocks that he recommends. His blog is focused almost entirely on stocks that pay a dividend. This is an area of investing that I whole-heartedly agree with.

His analysis is very detailed and he takes great care to look into each company very closely. He reads all the annual reports, conference call transcripts, look at competitors among other things. Even though his level of detail is very defined it is still very readable and understandable even if you are not trained in finance.

His stock focus is on older, more established businesses. You will not see the analysis of the latest and greatest fad on his blog. He has a rating system that he employs and uses it rank all of the stocks by the safety of dividend payments plus the growth of dividends in the future.

The way that he writes inspires me to look more closely at the financials of a company and see where he is getting his opinions from. Brian also has a premium newsletter that he includes additional information of his analysis the companies he is looking at. Included in this subscription is a link to four different dividend portfolios that you can use a guide for own investments.

I would say he definitely is in the value investing camp and he is a very conservative investor.

If you are looking for some great analysis and are interested in dividends, this is a great place to look for ideas.

Sure Dividend

This outstanding blog is written by Ben Reynolds who was a trained financial advisor. He left that field to go into creating his own website and blog. His goal was and continues to be to offer investors a way to invest using dividends to increase their wealth.

Once again he falls into the value investing camp and he has a great long view on all of his stock ideas. One of the things I enjoy about his writing is that he makes it all so very easy to read and understand. He will definitely incorporate many different ratios and analysis’ of finance of a company.

His website is pretty straight forward and he offers a free newsletter that he sends out regularly, he also has a paid newsletter that has some great insights and additional information as well. Ben uses an eight-point value system to grade every stock that he discusses. Using the system he will look at all the financials and rate them for you giving you a good idea of the strength of the company and it’s continuing ability to pay a dividend.

One of my favorite aspects of his work is his yearly update on the Dividend Aristocrats and Kings. He sends out an email once a year with spreadsheets outlining all the important financial information in regards to the Aristocrats or Kings. He also does ongoing studies of the Aristocrats and Kings as the year goes by.

Great stuff and you will learn a ton by reading his newsletter. Very, very much recommend his work.

That concludes my list of blogs that I currently read on a weekly basis. There are other amazing blogs/newsletters out there that I read as well but they are either too new to me or don’t have the same impact on me as the ones listed above.

I hope you have enjoyed our little sneak peek into some of these great investors and their works. I guarantee if you take the time to read these you will  learn so much, which is always the goal. Remember that Knowledge is Power.

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