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This list is by no means comprehensive but they are the most influential to me and I think bring great value to anyone that is looking to learn more about investing. They are in no particular order.

THE INVESTORS PODCAST        The Investing Podcast

Easily one of my favorite podcasts from the very beginning. This is run by Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen. They both have great insights into investing and they come at it from a value perspective, which I really enjoy.

The format is structured around book reviews. Every week they will review a book that has been written by or about a millionaire. The thesis is that they study billionaires and how they accumulated their wealth. Not all of the books are related specifically to investing per se.

They also throw in some interviews with some great authors, hedge fund managers, and investing professionals. The also include their mastermind sessions with other very smart people in which they will discuss all kinds of subjects ranging from technical aspects to macroeconomics and everything in between.

Needless to say, each interview is very well done with some fantastic questions asked. I also really enjoy their discussions about macroeconomics and how it affects the market.

Their investing idols would be Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, and Ray Dalio. All three of these gentleman are from the value investing world but with different slants to how they think. Preston and Stig do a great job of breaking down some of the different aspects of their philosophies and make it very understandable to even me.

Probably my favorite thing about his podcast is the energy and passion that they both have about value investing. And how much they want to help educate the public and encourage everyone to learn more about how to grow their wealth. They present all of their material in a way that can be easily understood, even to someone who would be new to this.

They post one episode a week on Sundays and they typically range to about an hour an episode. They also have a great website with some additional materials on it. In particular would be the forum that they run and some awesome educational videos they created. The videos are a series explaining the basics of investing to some very advanced topics. Top notch stuff that I aspire to be as good as.

THE MEB FABER SHOW        Meb Faber Research – Stock Market and Investing Blog

Another highly anticipated podcast for me every week is the Meb Faber show. Meb is a hedge fund manager for Cambria and he is a very educated and spoken host. I really enjoy his show for the education that he presents.

He has two shows a week and each is about an hour long. He has links to all the items that he discusses on his website. He has links to some awesome material from different white papers he has written to books of his as well as some other great investors.

One of the things that I enjoy most about Meb’s podcast is that he comes from the quant point of view which means that he has a mathematical bent. Frankly, some of what he discusses is above me right now but I enjoy that because that is how I learn best. By being pushed by people smarter than me. It also helps to learn the language of investing by continually surrounding yourself with it. It is a different language and the only real way to learn it is to submerse yourself into it.

He definitely has more to him than just the math. He is a big fan of Warren Buffet and the value investing arena. He wrote a great book about one of the more popular investing strategies which is to copy investors portfolios of people who you admire. Each fund manager has to report his positions every quarter and Meb has written a great book about emulating these investors and how to incorporate this strategy into your investing menu options.

INVESTED: THE RULE #1 PODCAST    Rule 1 InvestingRule 1 Investing

The invested podcast is a favorite because of the team, which is Phil Town and his daughter Danielle talk about all the different ways that the uninitiated can go about learning how to invest. They take the time to break down many different concepts and put them in words that the everyday person can understand.

They too are rooted in the value investing camp. Phil Town is a very big disciple of Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger. He bases a lot of his ideas and philosophies on ideas that he cultivated from that pair. His podcast is named after a famous Warren Buffet quote that goes like this.  “Rule number one of investing is to never lose money. Rule number two is to never forget rule number one.”

Phil spends a lot of time talking about rule number one and bases his whole investing approach on not losing money. In mind, that is a great view to take! The podcast is structured around the interplay of father and daughter. Phil is a hedge fund manager and his daughter is new to investing. So the interactions of the two are very entertaining. Phil is trying to simultaneously teach and encourage his daughter to learn more about investing while taking us along for the ride.

The podcast does a great job of breaking down the processes first established by Warren and Charlie and making it more manageable. They outline each step along the way of identifying businesses to invest in as well as giving us guidance on ways to avoid making mistakes. Phil does a great job of breaking down each step and explaining it thoroughly.

The Invested podcast also has some great links to their website which has great calculators that you can use to help with some of the analysis that they discuss on the podcast. Phil as also written two outstanding books that outline these processes that he discusses in the podcast.


   Money Tree Podcast | Investing | Wealth | Stocks | Personal Finance

The Money Tree podcast is a little different from the others that I listen to as it doesn’t  feature value investing as its core principal. This podcast is set up to have a one interview per week and then a roundtable discussion of that topic between the four cast members.

They cover a wide range of topics from mortgages to Robo-advisors and such. It is always interesting and very on topic. Again this is my attempt to surround myself with this language so that it becomes more natural for me. The guests are not always aspects that I would normally want to learn more about but it is great to try to widen my horizons and they do it in an easy and natural way.

The podcast features four very different hosts that come from very different backgrounds.

  1. The first being Joe Saul-Sehy who was a financial advisor in a former life. He brings a lot of humor to the podcast and is very insightful in is thoughts and comments. He also has his own show that he hosts, which is very good as well. It is callStacking Benjamins and they cover all ranges of topics from financial planning to money management.
  2. Miranda Marquit-She is a freelance journalist and professional blogger specializing in personal finance, small business and investing topics. I like her view on money managing and she has a great blog which talks about her rental properties business. She is a self-professed indexer, which means she invests in pretty much only index funds. Not sure I agree with her on this point but it works for her and that is the bottom line.
  3. Paula Jones-She is the founder of the Be Wealth & Smart VIP Experience, the first online mentored, investing and wealth building community. Linda became a multi-millionaire at age 39 by investing in stocks. She is definitely in the investing with stocks camp.
  1. Doug Goldstein-Doug’s been a financial advisor for over 20 years, specializing in helping people outside the US with brokerage and IRA accounts. His newest book is Rich as a King. How the wisdom of Chess Can Make you a Grandmaster of Investing. Very smart guy with some great insights into individual investing with stocks.

The podcast comes out once a week, on Fridays and is usually around an hour. Because of the nature of the roundtable forums, you get some very different viewpoints which are very helpful and informative.

THE MANUAL OF IDEAS          The Manual of Ideas

This podcast is hosted by John Mihalevic, who is a CFA and also the author of The Manual of Ideas. Which is a best-selling book about value investing. I have read the book and it was awesome.

The podcast features different fund managers, investment advisors or individual investors. He does an interview of each subject once a month. The typically run for about an hour and feature some pretty big hitters such as Guy Spier, Monish Pabrai, Howard Marks and so on.

They can get into some pretty in-depth discussions about investing and can get very technical. John has some very good insights into investing which he shares as well as some great insights from the guests as well. Very well thought out questions that elicit great responses from the guests. I particularly enjoy his views on value investing and the margin of safety.

So that is the list of podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis. This is a smaller list than some other that I listen to but I find these the most educational to me and the ones that I look forward to the most. I guarantee if you give these a listen you will be hooked just like me.

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